Why the Month of Love is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance

 As you step into the new year and resolutions either fall away or start to become reality, February comes with an invitation to lean into love, and dream of the future with your partner. When you think about the future, you might dream of a home or building a family, and life insurance can provide you with a way to extend your legacy of love.

The second month of the year can be the coldest, but you don’t have to shiver in fear. You can cozy up in peace knowing they are safe and will be able to navigate life after you are no longer physically here.

Life insurance coverage provides a monetary death benefit to those of your choosing in the event of your passing, provided the policy is active and in good standing at that time. Each month, quarter, or year, you pay a premium to maintain your policy, and it’s a symbol of trust and how much you care for those around you.

While Valentine’s Day traditionally has you choose between milk and dark chocolate, this year, you might be wondering which type of life insurance you should get instead. There are two kinds of life insurance to choose from: term and permanent. Permanent life insurance is a classic choice as it lasts until death, meaning that it will always pay out a death benefit to your loved ones, and it builds in cash value over time. There’s no need to get permanent tattoos when you have the certainty of knowing what the payout will be when the time comes.

Not ready to take the plunge? Dip your toes into a relationship with insurance by choosing term life insurance, which provides temporary protection from five to over 20 years. These types of policies can provide protection while children are growing up, while you and your spouse are working to pay off your mortgage, or while you’re paying off educational loans. The flexibility of a term policy can be helpful if you are saving for other goals.

Life insurance payouts come during a time of deep grief, amid a reflection of a life well lived. Think of a life insurance payout as a love letter to those you care about the most, from when you were alive – it’s not too late to write yours this month. Talk to a Sales Representative at Navy Mutual today to pen your letter and ensure that those you love have what they need and feel cared for, now and in the future.



This article is sponsored by Navy Mutual. Navy Mutual provides affordable life insurance and annuities to those who have answered our nation’s call. If you are active duty, in the reserve or guard, or retired from any branch of the United States military or uniformed services, we’d be honored to serve you.


About the Author

Aj Smit is the author of the book Red Thread: Weaving an Embodied Life of Joy, speaker, glitter enthusiast, and professional weaver of Joy. She is a military spouse in S. Korea with a pup and houseplants galore. Aj has led various Red Tents, retreats, and workshops internationally over the last ten years to help others discover how to weave creativity and curiosity into their lives. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @TheJoyWeaver and TheJoyWeaver.com.