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"Through their partners we learned so much helpful information about VA loans and were able to be connected with someone that was able to provide us with the lowest rate possible. Thank you!!"
"MHN was a lifesaver during our recent PCS. We used them for the second timeThey put all the pieces together for a smooth transition. From connecting us with real estate agents specializing in VA loans to providing helpful information about our new arRead MoreRead Less
"I just had to share my appreciation for MilHousing Network and their exceptional support throughout our PCS journey. Their expertise in connecting us with real estate agents specializing in VA loans was truly invaluable. The comprehensive guides theyRead MoreRead Less
"I can't thank MilHousing Network enough for their incredible assistance throughout our PCS process. They provided us with invaluable guidance and support, making the whole process much smoother. From connecting us with knowledgeable real estate agentRead MoreRead Less
"I just had to share my heartfelt gratitude for MilHousing Network. They were an absolute godsend during our PCS process. From connecting us with real estate agents specializing in VA loans to providing invaluable guides and a supportive Facebook commRead MoreRead Less


 for 15 Years

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Founded by two military spouses who had a passion for providing genuine, tangible help to other military spouses, MilHousing Network helps you through the overwhelming process of a military move. Because our staff is made up of military spouses, they know first-hand what you are facing right now.

Any real estate decision is one of life’s most prolific transactions, and so much more so with the many moving parts and far-reaching impacts of an anything-but-predictable PCS. Seeking to guide military spouses from stress and overwhelm to confident, actionable steps, Lindsey and Karina steward a one-of-a-kind, award-winning, full-service real estate concierge just for military spouses and families

Serving the military community is our foremost priority, and MilHousing Network is honored to have received the following awards over the years.

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