Team Members Favorite Gifts

You might not know that we have quite the team at MilHousing Network. A beautiful array of people who are everything from PCS Mentors, accountants, directors of different departments, and more. We wanted to pull back the curtain for you to meet four of our employees and hear about their holidays!

Sasha and Riva are PCS Mentors who help people moving to areas find the realtors and support they need to make housing decisions that feel good to them. Samantha is our Sponsor Relations Director and has been with us for two years, and Ashley is an Agent Services Coordinator. We asked each person a few questions about their holidays, and here’s what they had to say!

  1. What was your favorite gift you received?
    Sasha-I have two! One is a necklace my husband gave me! It’s a Tinkerbell necklace I have had my eye on since it came out. The other is a Cow snuggie. IT HAS EARS!Ashley-My favorite gift was a date night with my husband, thanks to grandparents in town. We have three small children, so those come few and far between.Riva-A new espresso machine! I love coffee and have wanted one for a while but didn’t want to buy it myself. It was the best surprise from my husband!Samantha- A surprise girl’s trip to Cabo!
  2. Favorite thing about the holiday/holiday season.
    Sasha- We all joke about it, but my favorite part is not knowing what day it is. It means I’ve taken the time to slow down and relax, something I don’t do all that often with three kids 7 & under.Ashley- I love making crafts and cookies with my little ones—it is an absolute wreck of a mess, but it’s so fun to see them enjoy!Riva- My favorite thing is spending quality time with family and watching my loved ones open gifts.Samantha- I love this season because it is a time to give thanks and give back! I love making memories with my family and friends and indulging in good food and awesome company.
  3. Do you have any traditions around Christmas time?
    Sasha- I have so many! But one we’ve started with our kids is creating a bucket list for Christmas Eve; you can always count hot chocolate, The Polar Express & tracking Santa on our list!Ashley- Our traditions are to have seafood and then attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Then we have a quiet Christmas at home. We always do the ridiculous matching pajamas as well!Riva- We wait until the night of Christmas Eve to put presents under the tree so that our 3-year-old wakes up to presents! We love watching his reaction.Samantha- My family does a Christmas cookie bake and crafts day every year! It’s a great time to spend with family and friends, and everyone leaves with dozens of different cookies and DIY crafts to take home.We at MilHousing Network ( hope you had a fantastic holiday season, and whether you are ready to move into a new home, sell your old home, or plan for your next PCS, we at MilHousing Network are here to serve you. Please reach out with any questions and see how we can work with you today!This article is written by Aj Smit
    Aj Smit is the author of the book Red Thread: Weaving an Embodied Life of Joy (, speaker, glitter enthusiast, and professional weaver of Joy. She is a military spouse in S. Korea with a pup and houseplants galore. Aj has led various Red Tents, retreats, and workshops internationally over the last ten years to help others discover how to weave creativity and curiosity into thei
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