Splash into Summer: Your Family Summer Bucket List Guide

Splash into Summer: Your Family Summer Bucket List Guide

Written by Brandy Hall, MSN, RN


As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to sprinkle some summer magic into your family’s life. How? By creating the ultimate summer bucket list, of course! Picture this: a season jam-packed with laughter, adventure, and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Intrigued?

Round up the junior troops and get those creative juices flowing. From beach bonfires to backyard camping, everyone gets a say in the fun. Trust us, the more ideas, the merrier!


Now, mix things up with a dash of indoor experiences with outdoor adventures for a perfect blend of excitement. Rain or shine, there’s something for everyone. Think DIY ice cream parties, family game tournaments, and spontaneous dance-offs. Who said you can’t have a blast indoors?


Check out these other cool ideas: 

  1. Lay on the grass and look at the stars
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt
  3. Have a water fight
  4. Go camping
  5. Go to a local museum
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Explore the great outdoors
  8. Watch the sunset
  9. Go to your local library and get books or try the programs
  10. Start a book club
  11. Travel to somewhere you’ve never been
  12. Catch fireflies
  13. Road trip!
  14. Visit a National or State Park
  15. Go for a bike ride
  16. Check out a local farmer’s market
  17. Try geocaching


Once you’ve whipped up your dream list, it’s time to prioritize. Think of it as choosing toppings for the ultimate sundae—every flavor counts! Pick the juiciest, most delectable activities, but don’t forget to leave room for those delightful surprises.


But remember, life’s an adventure, right? Be flexible! Sometimes, the best memories are the ones you stumble upon unexpectedly. Embrace the spontaneous moments and roll with the tide.

Don’t forget the magic ingredient: capturing the memories! Snap those selfies, jot down those stories, and film those funny moments. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when you’re reminiscing about the summer of a lifetime.


With a dash of creativity, a pinch of flexibility, and a whole lot of fun, you’re all set for an epic adventure. Dive into summer, make a splash, and let the good times roll!


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