Planning the Perfect BBQ

Summer is here and it is officially the best time of the year to roll out the grill and barbecue! While you can throw a few burgers and hot dogs on the grill for a quick meal and call it a day, there are other ways you can spruce it up and have the best BBQ of the summer. Whether you are hosting a Fourth of July party, or planning a backyard barbecue with friends and family, here are a few tips you can follow to plan the perfect BBQ.  

  1. Prepare your grill – Grease off your grill prior to guests arriving. This way you have a nice and clean space for cooking the meat. 
  2. Prep food – Make sure all meat is ready to go on the grill once guests arrive. Don’t forget to prep all side dishes and toppings in advance such as chopping the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc. Have all sauces and condiments ready to go.  
  3. Drinks – Fill the coolers with kid friendly drinks, as well as adult drinks. Juice, water, and sodas in one cooler, and beers in another. In addition to those drinks, make a fun signature  cocktail in a pitcher and keep it cool by adding frozen fruit. 
  4. Menu Planning – Choose easy recipes that allow you to spend more time with guests than it requires you to be at the grill all day. Whether it’s burgers, or baby back ribs, focus on perfecting the quality over quantity. Consider throwing on some corn with butter for a nice side option. Fruits and vegetables are easy to prepare ahead of time. Write out your menu on a board for guests to see to make it more inviting and fun.  
  5. Games – Set up lawn games everyone can play that they can all enjoy. Cornhole, beer pong, badminton are just a few options, don’t forget bubbles and hula hoops for the little ones.  
  6. Add lights – Decorate the backyard with string lights and tiki torches to elevate your barbecue, especially if you’re still outside while it’s dark, the lights will help enhance the atmosphere.  
  7. Dessert – Whether you want to have ice cream or popsicles prepped and ready to go, or make s’mores around a fire, these are fun and easy ideas to get your sugar fix! The best part being they don’t require cooking! 
  8. Bugs – Keep bug spray on all tables and make sure all food is covered, as well as all serving  spoons. Adding sage to your bonfire also helps keep the bugs and mosquitos at bay.  
  9. Atmosphere – Decorate your tables with colorful flowers, a fun tablecloth, and bright-colored tableware to keep things fun and bright. Have music playing in the background at a low volume to set the mood.  
  10. Have fun! – Now that you have prepped and taken the right steps to planning the perfect  BBQ, you can relax and enjoy the night with friends and family! Remember, when the host is having fun, so are the guests!