Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day was first celebrated on May 23, 1984 in an effort to help show the importance of the military spouse roles. It later was changed to be
celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day each year. This year it falls on May 10th. This holiday is recognized all around the country and on all military installations
worldwide. There are nearly 1 million military spouses in the world that are constantly coming head to head with difficult circumstances due to their spouses position. Not everyone is cut out for being a military spouse due to the sacrifices and unique lifestyle it presents, but if you are- you deserve recognition! It’s not easy, and not everyone understands, but it’s worth it.

Constant Support

It’s true that the military is the backbone of this country, but the backbone needs support too! Showing up for promotion ceremonies, military balls, or even just being there as your spouses biggest cheerleader can make all the difference. They’re able to push on knowing they have the support of their household.

Holding Down the Fort
Whether you’re service member is on TDY for a week or deployed for 9 months, it makes a world of a difference when they can trust that everything is being taken care
of back home. This also helps the service member stay in the right state of mind and safe keeping their focus on the job/task at hand.

Friendship Circle
Making friends as an adult is not an easy thing to do. especially when you’re constantly moving states and in a whole new environment. And as luck has it, right
when you start to create new friendships, another PCS rolls around. Doing this over and over again can be draining, and yet military spouses push through with courage.

Military spouse life isn’t easy but spouses continue to power through each obstacle and make it look like “just another day”. During your MilSpo time, be sure to use the
resources available to you such as Military OneSource for any kind of therapy or support resources. They can also help with career guidance as well as continuing
education. It’s extremely important to constantly support your spouses military career and future but don’t forget about fulfilling your dreams as well!


About The Author:

Brittany has been a PCS Mentor  with Milhousing Network for over 2 years, and loves being able to help other military families! Her husband is active duty in the Army, and their family recently purchased their first home in Maryland. Their first duty station was in San Antonio, and she loves the city!