Korea Base Guide

One of South Korea’s fastest growing installations, Camp Humphreys is located 55 miles south
of Seoul, the nation’s capital. The local cities are Anjung-Ri and Pyeonggtaek which are growing
to help meet the future demands for what will be the best military installation on the peninsula.
If you’re lucky enough to be stationed in Korea, you know there is something fascinating and
captivating on every corner. There are so many beautiful destinations you can visit whether it be
with your significant other, children or with your visiting family. Check a few of these places out
to cross off your must-see list while you’re stationed here! A plus is that most of these are within
an hour away from Camp Humphrey!

Gwacheon National Science Museum
This spacious museum located in the district of Seoul is full of fun and educative discoveries and
is great for all ages. There are exhibits for aerospace, traditional sciences, advanced technology
with activities where you will learn something new and exciting. There is also a natural history
hall with plenty of interactive dinosaurs and fun geology tours of the Korean peninsula! This is a
fun place to visit, especially if the weather is a bit gloomy and you need something to do!

Geumgang Nature Biennale
Nestled along the trails of Yeonmisan Mountain in Gongju is this beautiful park with trails and
nature-themed art. If you want to see a giant teddy bear, check this place out! There is a beautiful
trail for hiking, beautiful art scattered all around the park, and another great place for children of
all ages to enjoy.

Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge
Located in Wonzu, about 2 hours away from Camp Humphreys is the Sogeumsan Suspension
Bridge, the longest and largest pedestrian bridge in Korea with a length of 200 meters, a height
of 100 meters, and a width of 1.5 meters. The skywalk next to the bridge offers an amazing view
of the surroundings. With a protective deck at the entrance of the bridge, anyone who has the
courage can walk on the bridge.

Mancheonha Skywalk
This beautiful skywalk is located on a cliff of Nahangang River, approximately 90 meters above
water! Visitors can enjoy walking along the clouds and right above the beautiful waters. There is
a nice panoramic view of Danyang and Sobaeksan Mountain. There is also a walkway with a
glass bottom that people can walk over if they dare, as well as a zipline and alpine coaster!


There you have it! Just a few amazing must-see attractions that you can visit if you’re in or near
the Camp Humphreys area! Whether you need to get out of the house or want to check out
something new, these are great family and kid friendly options because 1) there is plenty to do at
each one whether it’s hiking, walking, exploring or just relaxing while the kids play and 2)
everyone will LOVE them!


About the Author: 

Riva has been a PCS Mentor with Milhousing Network for over a year now ! She has been a military spouse for the last 4 years, and a stay-at-home mom to an energetic 3 year old. Her husband is active duty in the Navy and they have enjoyed the places the Navy has taken them. Their family currently live in Virginia Beach and loves it so much!