How to Ship a Second Car When PCSing Overseas

When it is time to move from one duty station to the next, you start purging things you don’t need, organizing items you want to take, and figuring out what to sell before you leave. It’s also the time to start thinking about whether or not you will ship a car. The military will cover one car, but what if you have two cars you love and want to take them both to your next base? What happens if it’s too far to drive, or it’s not drivable at all?


Shipping a second car is an undertaking; if you make that choice, there are a few things to remember. Some are similar to how you would ship a first car, and some are different because you’ll be on your own to figure it out. Here are a few tips on shipping a second car when PCSing Overseas. 


Get Quotes

It can be overwhelming when looking online for who to ship your car through, because what if somebody says they can, but they charge you an exorbitant rate, but you don’t know any better? The site uShip puts the power back in your hands to choose who will ship your vehicle by filling out a form for companies to bid on. Not only will you be able to see all of the different bids in one place, but you will also be able to see reviews from past customers who used uShip and that specific shipping company. 


Protect your Car

Having the clarity to see reviews and bids and know that you have chosen wisely can help put you at ease. Still, the uShip protection plan adds another layer of protection against potential damages during transport. Are you worried about where your car is? AirTags only update when around a tower, but with uShip’s app, they give you real-time status updates to monitor your vehicle’s progress.


Double Check Your Papers

Whether it’s your actual moving items or your vehicle, it’s important to double-check what ports are available, how you will pick them up, and the dates. With so many moving parts during a PCS, it can be easy to lose track of what is going where especially if orders change at the last minute. So before your car is picked up, make sure you have a plan to get your vehicle and a backup plan in case of a delay due to flights or travel. 


Wax On, Wax Off

Cleaning your car may seem like common sense, but making sure it’s ready for a long journey can be the difference between having a clean vehicle arrive verses, having a car arrive with mold inside. Don’t just take a vacuum to it; get your car detailed, and think of the money you spend on that as a ‘guarantee against unexpected surprises’ investment for when it arrives to you.


Capture Everything

Accidents can happen anytime, even if you aren’t driving. Take thorough pictures of your vehicle before they pick it up for shipment. This way, if something happens, and there’s a scratch or something broke along the way, you can refer to the photo you took. To be extra cautious, download the images to a computer or a thumb drive in addition to your phone in case your phone dies mid-move. During a PCS, it is not the time to trust that Murphy’s Law won’t apply to your car in addition to regular life.

For peace of mind when shipping a vehicle, head to uShip to find reputable companies to bid on your shipment needs. Remember to take your time, and to keep breathing, because now you have su in getting your second car where it needs to go.



This article is sponsored by uShip who helps you get bids from reputable companies, to get your vehicle from where you are, to your new home safely.


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