How to Host the Perfect Football Party

When it comes to hosting a football party, there are only two important things that truly matter–
the food and the game. If you need some pointers on how to host the perfect football viewing
party that will have your guests shouting “TOUCHDOWN!” then keep reading! I’ve come up
with a few tips and tricks that will make your party the talk of the year.

With every party you need icy adult drinks! Stock up on your favorite beverages. Fill some
coolers and your fridge with a mix of classic beers, domestic and craft for a variety that everyone
can choose from, and if you’re like me you can even make a signature cocktail drink! Let’s not
forget, a football game typically lasts 3 hours, so choose alcohol that isn’t too heavy or high in
percentage so everyone can enjoy the party and remember it! Make sure you have water and
sodas accessible for the non-drinkers and children, too!

Football season also brings grilling. If you plan on using your grill, just keep it simple. Throw on some
burgers and hot dogs, and even sausages or ribs if you want to ramp up the festivity. These food
items are quick and easy to whip up, and always go over well- you can still converse with your
friends and enjoy your party too! Also, let’s face it, you can’t watch a football game without a big
juicy burger in hand!

Snacks and appetizers are a huge hit at any party, but especially a football party. Everyone loves
finger foods that you can just throw on a plate, so you have a variety to choose from and don’t
have to keep getting up. Set up a snack spot – wings, crackers, chips and dips, and a veggie tray.
My favorite dip to make is buffalo chicken dip, it’s always a hit and it’s usually gone by the time
the game starts! You can also bring out the trusty crockpot and make a homemade beans recipe
or even chili! Make it buffet style so people can fill a plate and get right back to the game.

The most important thing to consider if you’re hosting a football party at your house is where
you’ll be watching the game. Your couch may be sufficient for you and your family, but you
may consider getting extra seating for the crowd of people who will be going in and out.
Consider the traffic flow, guests will continuously be getting up and leaving to get more food,
more drinks, and use the restroom. Set it up so that there’s no disruption from the game. If the
weather is still nice out, you could even do a backyard game watch! The main thing is that the
TV doesn’t get blocked, so everyone has a good view of the game!

Lastly, don’t forget the essentials. Make sure you are stocked up on hand soap, hand towels, and
toilet paper for your guests. Because the game could get crazy, there may be a spill or two so
make sure you have lots of paper towels and all-purpose cleaner on hand, just in case! If your
friends are bringing their kids, set up an area for them to play and draw so they’re occupied for
the duration of the game. Most importantly, especially as the host, have FUN! It’s so important
to realize your home is a safe place for people to want to come and hang out, that’s a blessing in
and of itself. So, sit back, relax, enjoy the game and the company too!


About the Author: 

Riva has been a PCS Mentor with Milhousing Network for over a year now ! She has been a military spouse for the last 4 years, and a stay-at-home mom to an energetic 3 year old. Her husband is active duty in the Navy and they have enjoyed the places the Navy has taken them. Their family currently live in Virginia Beach and loves it so much!