How to be more productive when balancing a work and school routine

In order to be successful when multitasking, it’s so important to find the right balance between the tasks at hand. Navigating the roles of an employee and a student/parent of a student can be exhausting, but with a little bit of planning and prioritizing, both can be done in a rewarding way that lets you succeed. 

  1. Create and Maintain a Schedule 

Finding the time to schedule crucial tasks and focus on adhering to the calendar can be so helpful in the long run. Designating certain days or times to different aspects in your life is essential. For example, block time for each responsibility every day, this will help you stay on track for each, and help you not get caught up in just one project if it is blocked out. Maintaining your calendar can also include simple daily tasks such as meal planning. Meal prepping/planning allows for healthy meals and less hectic meals – while saving time and stress at meal time! 

  1. Discipline 

Finding the energy to be self motivated and having self discipline are key in finding success at school. Whether you’re the student or the parent of a student, procrastinating is one of the biggest problems you’ll face. It’s easy to let your to-do list pile up and become more burdensome, but having the discipline to stay ahead of your tasks will minimize your chance of falling behind again. 

  1. Downtime 

Setting aside time for relaxing is essential to thriving through your busy seasons of life. Planning time to recover from stress, by carving out some “me time” will do wonders in improving your daily outlook and meeting the needs of your family and yourself. Your work will benefit and your family life will shine. You will be able to focus on the tasks at hand and enjoy the company of your family and school families. Whether it is taking vacation time – whether it’s going on a trip or just having a day at the spa – this extra relaxation time will help keep your balance in check.  

It’s very easy to put sleep on the back burner when you’re so busy each day. But in reality, sleep has a crucial role in keeping you healthy and successful during your jam packed days. Focus on maintaining at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night to avoid burnout and pure exhaustion. Give yourself time to rest so that you can continue pushing on for your end goal!