How Military Families Can Save On Higher Education

*** This article about was higher education costs and scholarships originally posted on the National Military Family Association’s website.

Higher education is designed to help your family rise up to reach their dreams. Whether you or your child has always wanted to be a nurse, business manager or teacher, the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving your goals. Going to college is the only way to obtain a position in many career fields today, and your military family status gives you a great start at making that dream achievable. Yet, it never hurts to try to save as much money as you can so that you have a stronger financial start on your future. These strategies are all effective ways that your family can save on higher education as you work on completing a degree.

Use Your Military Education Benefits

The government offers several different types of programs that help you to pay for your degree. In most instances, you will first need to apply for your certificate of eligibility that you can then furnish to your school to start the process of covering your tuition. The military education benefits can apply to veterans as well as active service members. In some cases, children and spouses are also covered.

Eliminate The Costs Of Going On Campus

Tuition is not the only cost you need to worry about in college. You will also find that things such as the gas to commute to and from school can quickly add up. If you choose to live on campus, then there are also going to be costs involved with living in a dorm as well as paying for food in the cafeteria. For this reason, many people find that an online university for military families works best for allowing the cost of living to be lower.

Explore Fast Tracks For Earning Credits

You can earn college credits by taking special official exams that demonstrate your knowledge of core subjects. Your college may also grant credits for prior learning and workplace experiences. Take some time to think about important skills and training sessions that you completed in the military, or other workplace experience, and you may be able to opt out of classes and pay less tuition.

Apply For Scholarships

Scholarships are essential free money that you apply to your classes. Ask about the scholarships that you can apply for through your school. Many of these cover the portion of a semester along with other things such as books and supplies. There are many scholarships for current and former military members, as well as for military children. The National Military Family Association offers scholarships to military spouses pursuing education, career, or entrepreneurial goals, and are available to spouses from all branches and ranks.

As a military family, you already have a step up when it comes to receiving financial aid that helps you cover the cost of tuition and textbooks. While it does take some effort to apply for your military benefits, or scholarships, the time involved is worth it. You can also expect that your college will help you through the process so that you can afford to finish your degree plan.


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