Grandparents Day Gift Guide

Grandparents Day is for celebrating the important “grammy” and “pop” in your life. Whatever you refer to them as, they may play an essential part in your life and have been there to support you for years, so it’s important they get their own special day to honor them. Below is a list of
gift ideas and activities you can do to make your grandparents feel loved on Grandparents Day.

1. Buy a puzzle to do together
One thing that can bring you and your grandparents together is a fun activity. Sometimes there isn’t a lot to talk about when visiting grandparents and conversations can be short. Purchasing a puzzle is a great way to connect, laugh, and have fun together.

2. Decorate a flowerpot
This can be a fun gift to do for the little grandchildren as it involves being creative! Buy a flowerpot and have the grandchildren decorate it with their favorite colors and best artwork. Fill it with soil and add a pretty flower. They can use it for other things as well like using it for
storage. All grandparents would love this thoughtful gift whether they enjoy indoor or outdoor plants.

3. Go fishing
Find a dock near your home and invite your grandpa or grandparents out to go fishing. Bring your fishing rods, chairs, sunscreen, and a light lunch. This is a great bonding experience and even if you don’t catch anything, it’s the company and conversation that count.

4. Create a photobook
There is nothing more sentimental than creating a photo album full of pictures of all their children and grandchildren. Including photos of your grandparents’ younger years as well as their parents would be a great touch if you are able to get your hands on those pictures. Your grandparents would love re-living their childhood memories if they could.

5. Personalized blanket
All grandparents are always cold and/or wearing layers, so why not gift them with a warm and fuzzy blanket they can curl up under when they’re on the couch? Personalize it by printing photos of you and your grandparents onto the blanket using Etsy or Shutterfly. You could also
print a sweet quote on it that will make them feel loved and special.

6. Grandparents who have passed away
Losing a grandparent is hard. So, celebrating Grandparents Day can be tough to do when they aren’t here on Earth, but there are plenty of ways to honor them even when they are no longer with us. Visit them at the cemetery if it’s nearby, have a memory night where everyone shares
their favorite moments spent with them, or have a candlelit ceremony to remember them. Shopping for grandparents can sometimes be tough because they may be set in their own ways and have a certain taste, but one thing that has remained true with grandmas and grandpas is it’s
the thought that counts. The best gift we can give them is to show that we care, whether that be buying them a thoughtful gift, or simply spending quality time with them.