Germany Base Guide

Ramstein AFB

Ramstein AFB is located in Kaiserslautern Germany and is the home to over 50,000 US service members. Ramstein is best known for being NATO’s main base for trainings as well as the headquarters for the US Air Force.

Employment and Education

Kaiserslautern, the area around Ramstein, is the home to 11 schools- not even counting the 4 schools located on base! This gives military families a great variety of educational options for their children.

Because there are so many service members and families stationed at this base, they take employment opportunities very seriously. Not only does the base offer free career help, resume guidance and interview practice, they also offer on base job opportunities to spouses first.

Things to do

Besides all the amazing travel opportunities nearby, Ramstein has an outdoor recreation center that offers a swimming pool, camping equipment, and more. They also have an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley. Within a short drive, there are several castles you can tour as well. The top rated castle to visit is the Nanstein Castle. It offers beautiful views along the hillside and a traditional German restaurant to dine at after your visit.

Spangdahlem AFB

Spangdahlem AFB is the home of several military groups that specialize in logistics, operations, maintenance and personnel support. This AFB has played a huge role in our US military presence in Europe and has given us the opportunity to help support nearby units.


Spangdahlem AFB has both on and off base housing available to service members and their families. On top of the normal BAH, you will also receive an Overseas Housing Allowance when living off base.

German Lifestyle

The culture in Germany is very welcoming and offers so much rich history nearby the base. Spangdahlem is located in the oldest city in German, Trier. There are several wineries and little villages close by to explore as well. Expect lots of rain and fog in this area.

Things to do

Eifelpark is an amusement park very close by the AFB, and it offers attractions for all ages. This park also has animals you can feed and magician performances! Another great day trip would be visiting Berchtesgaden- an old village that is known for its winding roads and salt mine tours for kids.


Whether you’re looking for culture and cuisine, historical locations, or local attractions, Germany has something to offer for everyone. No matter where you are stationed in Germany, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to hop the train and travel the country!


About the Author:

Brittany has been a PCS Mentor  with Milhousing Network for over 2 years, and loves being able to help other military families! Her husband is active duty in the Army, and their family recently purchased their first home in Maryland. Their first duty station was in San Antonio, and she loves the city!