Game Time Tailgating Tips

Fall is here and that brings football, fun, and tailgating! There’s more to tailgating than team spirit and snacks. A great tailgate experience doesn’t happen by accident. This is a high-level pregame event that is taken very seriously by dedicated fans. Make sure you have everything you need for a great tailgating experience!


Save time and enjoy your tailgating party by getting as much done before the party as possible. Don’t wait until it’s time to party to do the work.

  1. Prep the food the day before. Cook or prepare any food you can the day before so all you have to do is heat it or get it on the grill when the time is right. Don’t waste valuable fan time slaving over a hot grill while everyone else is living it up.
  2. Get your drinks in the cooler the night before and on ice so they’re cold and ready to serve. Labels can make finding drinks easier during the party too.
  3. Have dips and snacks ready early. Simple snacks like chips, veggie trays, desserts, and that are easy to grab are always popular. Game day food doesn’t have to be elaborate, just accessible.
  4. Rain or shine, be ready for any weather. Early season games may bring promising weather, but later on may come with rain, snow, or cold. Don’t get caught unprepared.


Never leave home without all the essentials. Have everything you need packed and ready before you go so you don’t forget anything.

  1. Never forget your foil!
  2. You’ll need plates, napkins, plastic ware, cups, etc. – all the standard necessities.
  3. Paper towels. Someone’s going to make a mess.
  4. Radio – great for pregame info or just jamming out!
  5. Tables, chairs, tent,
  6. Trash bags. When the fun is over, it has to be cleaned up. You can also take a tote for all the dirty utensils and things that go home to be washed for next time.
  7. Decorations: What better way to get hyped up than decking out your tailgate space in team decor? Get yourself and partygoers excited and ready for game time by going all out in team attire.
  8. Hand cleaner. Whether you use hand wipes or a container of water, you need something to wash away the food and mess that happens.


These nifty tricks can make tailgating easier and decrease what you have to take along. Plus, you may be limited by park rules on what you can have on the grounds. Remember to check regulations before getting there.

  • Use a cooler as a warmer. Put warm food in foil and place it in a cooler to keep it warm.
  • Always have extra tongs on hand.
  • Six-pack boxes make great condiment holders. Put your salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, BBQ, or whatever, in these.
  • Having games helps keep things fun while snacking and waiting for the game to start. Cornhole, ladder toss, giant Jenga, and other yard games are fun ways to get the party going.


With some preparation, tailgating can be a great time. You’ll be the talk of game time when you show up to the stadium prepped and ready. Plus, you can decrease the workload by having things ready for the next game.

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