Fun Winter Dates

Winter can be a difficult time to find things to do and leave the house as often, but with a few of our ideas- you’ll be sure to still enjoy yourself and your significant other
this season. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do or for a reason to stay home and relax, check out our ideas below!

Virtual Cooking Class
So much of our world has become virtual these days, so why not enjoy a virtual cooking class in the comfort of your own home?! You and your partner will be able to
stay out of the cold weather and create a new dish together all the while spending quality time and making memories. Learning new recipes that your partner enjoys
can be a great way to spoil each other in the future too. To go a step further challenge each other to have a *phone free* evening!!

Game Night
Plan a night in alone or with other couples and pick your favorite board games to play! Order some pizza and bring out the charcuterie boards to get those creative
juices flowing. Game nights always get competitive in our house and we love the fun it brings to our relationship. These nights can be fun for just adults (we all know
Cards Against Humanity can get a little crazy) or even a great opportunity to involve the whole family and kids.

Ice Skating
Ice Skating can be such a fun activity for couples to enjoy during the winter. Listening to Christmas music while holding your partners hand (trying not to fall), can be a
great way to get out of the house and enjoy the winter season. Finish the date and warm up with hot fresh chocolate at home!

Hot Yoga
Getting exercise and staying warm with your partner is the perfect way to spend a winter Saturday morning. Hot yoga is a great way to reduce stress and improve your
strength under humid conditions. Check out your local Yoga studios for Hot Yoga classes (especially those with military discounts!) and get the best workout of your life!


About the author:

Brittany has been a PCS Mentor  with Milhousing Network for over 2 years, and loves being able to help other military families! Her husband is active duty in the Army, and their family recently purchased their first home in Maryland. Their first duty station was in San Antonio, and she loves the city!