Fall Home Maintenance

Fall to me always feels like a fresh start. For us moms it is a new school year for our kiddos and a fresh start to the year for our family. Summer is so fun and is often so packed with activities that we tend to neglect household needs so Fall season, to me, means a reset and a chance to get things in order before the business of the holidays and school year gets in full swing. There are a few things I like to take care of in the Fall to get our home more settled and set up for a smooth school year.

  1. I love the cooler air that comes with fall and the freshness that the change of season brings which is why I love fall cleaning with all the windows open. I let the fresh air come in and do a declutter and cleaning day. With each season there are always things to get rid of and so I like to do a walk-through of our home and get rid of things that we have outgrown or no longer need. There are usually thrift shops to donate to on or near the military bases or a neighbor that might need just what you are getting rid of. Getting rid of clutter lets us start the season fresh.
  2. When it comes to maintenance of a home, we often let things go over the summer, so Fall is a time to reset and look around to see what needs attention. Do fire alarms need new batteries? Is the fireplaced cleaned and ready for winter? What have you not used for a while that is going to get some use this winter? We like to clean our vents to prepare for those heaters kicking on and just take inventory of what has been neglected and needs our attention to step into the next season.
  3. The Fall is a time for us to look at our finances and budget and plan for the year. Each season with a family brings new expenses so we look at our budget and create a plan for our home and family. Are we starting new sports? Planning a trip? These questions will help us to set a realistic budget for the new year and a peaceful home.
  4. One thing that is often neglected is our insurance needs. Do we know what insurance we have? Are we fully covered? Whether we rent or buy we need to have current insurance that will cover our families so looking to experts that serve our community is an important step to maintenance for our family. There are insurance companies like Armed Forces Insurance that specifically serve our military community and understand our specific needs. The fall is a great time to reach out and look at our insurance needs and make sure we have the coverage necessary for the upcoming season.

Fresh starts are what the Fall season is all about so as you enjoy your chai latte and watching the leaves fall, I hope it inspires you to do some of the things that maybe were put off over the summer so that you can move through the seasons smoothly and create a home you can enjoy.

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