If you or your spouse have just received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, it is time to start your military relocation. uShip can help you get quotes from moving services and give you some helpful tips along the way. We have already done the research for you on the best types of moves during PCS season. If you need any help, please let us knowlet us know, and we will get you back on track to completing your PCS move.


Our marketplace is great for finding the best relocation quotes from the best moving companies. Create your listing, including a detailed list of everything you will need moved. Military relocation services will then send you quotes on your move. You can talk to them directly and review their carrier profiles to find out more about their services and their experience in PCS moves.



Moving while in the military can be a confusing, stressful process. Learn more about your moving options below and download one of our free comprehensive moving checklists to help you get started.


  • Government Managed Move: Government-hired movers pack, load, transport and unpack all of your stuff. You don’t receive any moving allowance. Download Checklist
  • PPM/DITY – Self: You do all the work. If you happen to have any allowance remaining, it’s yours to keep. Download Checklist
  • PPM/DITY – Assisted: You hire someone to do all the work. This saves you time, money, and a headache. The remaining allowance is your’s to keep. Download Checklist



uShip supports the service of our US military. As a sign of appreciation for those who have served, uShip has partnered with to offer access to exclusive discounts and promotions for active duty, retirees, veterans and military spouses. Save up to 61% on moving and relocation services with special discounted listings and no transaction fees. Find out more about

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The cost of military relocation services depends on the size of the move, the distance from pick up to delivery, and any special requirements to safely complete the move. For a better insight into what your military relocation service may cost, check out our cost to move page. You’ll find military relocations completed through the uShip marketplace and get a feel for how we work.



Proper planning can eliminate many of the common headaches that come from military relocations. Having an organized PCS checklist can help you plan your move and ensure you don’t leave out any important details. We have checklists available for every part of your move, from packing your bathroom, packing your office, packing your living room to packing your bedroom. Holding a garage sale is a great way to get some extra cash, and downsize unnecessary items.


If you are turning your PCS relocation into a DITY move, take a look at some of our DITY moving checklists as well as articles on how to choose a rental truck and self-storage options. We even have advice on DITY moves with kids and how to make the move easier for them. An important step in moving is hiring a moving company with whom you feel comfortable.


Before submitting your DITY/PPM claim, include all necessary documentation. Verify that your mailing address, date and signature on the DD 1351-2 and DD 2278 forms are correct. Review the instructions on how to complete the the DD1351-2 for DITY/PPM Moves.


First, you will want to take an inventory of all your items to be moved. From boxes, to couches, to lamps, be prepared to include everything in your listing. Military relocation requires precise timing. Include your move dates, and add in the details that this is a PCS move. Be as detailed as possible in your listing so movers can provide you their best rates.

After you have created your listing, military relocation services will start sending you quotes as they compete for your business. As the moving quotes come in, you can ask the movers questions directly. Find out more about their moving services and their experience in military relocation.

Every service provider on uShip has their transportation history, safety records, and customer rated feedback on their carrier profile for your review. Military relocations are different than regular household moves. You will definitely want to check out their transportation history, and the experiences their previous customers have had with them. You may want to work with a company that has active duty, retirees, veterans and military spouses with the knowledge of what a PCS move needs. Look to see if they have “” on their profile. Talking with the moving companies and researching their profiles will help you feel confident you’re choosing the best military relocation service.

Once you have chosen your military relocation service, contact them directly with any additional information, questions, or concerns you may have regarding your PCS relocation. Be sure they’re prepared with any specific timeframes and dates of pick up and drop off. Provide your moving company with any third party contact information that may be beneficial to smooth move. Communicating directly with you service provider is the key to a successful shipment. Please let us knowlet us know if you’re having any issues communicating with your movers.


  • DD 1351-2: Travel Voucher
  • DD 2278: Application for DITY Move & Counseling Checklist
  • Copy of PCS Travel Orders
  • Certified Weigh Tickets, one for Gross (full) weight and one for Tare (empty) weight. Please tape each ticket to a piece of paper
  • Copy of Paid Rental Agreement
  • Copy of vehicle registration when utilizing POV and/or boat/trailer
  • Common Operating Personal Expenses (OPE)

Article provided by: USHIP