5 steps to choose the right home warranty for your family

Have you heard about having a home warranty? Warranties differ from homeowners insurance but can save thousands if your appliances or systems, like your HVAC, break. How do you know what to look for regarding a home warranty? Here are five tips to help.


Cover your bases

If you rent your home out, you don’t have to worry about the fiesty fridge because you can select coverage for everything but the kitchen sink. Instead of panicking about fitting your needs into a preconstructed box, what if you didn’t have to choose? You can get as little as one item covered. If you don’t care about your old oven but just dropped a pretty penny on the washer and dryer, you can select to protect your new investment and take care of the oven on your own when it’s time.


What do you want to pay?

Budget is critical when choosing a home warranty. Although it might feel nice to have everything covered, you may want a smaller plan when you add up bills like groceries, savings, mortgage, electricity, and vacation. Figure out what is most important to your family. You can find customizable plans for every budget, so compare coverage, pricing, and support up front from different companies. Ask about hidden fees, deductibles, or pricing options. There’s no shame in saying no thanks; I don’t need this part if you don’t. 


Find a reputable company.

Find reviews of organizations, look at different offers, and talk to an agent. Look at reviews and ask around. Check BBB and make sure they are licensed. The last thing you want is to think you’ll be covered, but you find yourself at the short straw end of a loophole. 


Check the claims process.

Almost every military family has had a moment trying to get through to customer service, to cancel or change plans just to be given the runaround. Look into the claims process for the company you are choosing. Do they make it clear and easy? Is it 100 forms, your firstborn, and only available on the first Tuesday every other month between 9-12 am Eastern time? Knowing the process up front can help you feel confident that you’ll be able to do so if and when you need to call and ask for help.


Not too big, not too small, but just right

Sometimes, we think more is more, but that is not always true. You don’t have to get all-everything coverage just because you feel you need to. You may be better off with a smaller plan, or if you live in a state with oscillating temperatures, getting coverage just for your systems can save you in the long run.


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