5 Spring Parties You Can Host In Your Home

Springtime can have us all stepping out of winter hibernation, looking for food, fun, and friendship! If you dream of getting some people together at your house and aren’t sure what to do, here are some ideas.


A good old-fashioned potluck is never a bad idea; make it easier on yourself without worrying about creating sides and a main dish. Invite the people you would love to have over, grab a couple of decks of cards, and make a signup list for people to share what they are making. 

Theme party

Is there a holiday you celebrate, like Cinco de Mayo or the Summer Solstice?  Do you want to have a costume party? It can be as easy as everybody wearing their favorite color and bringing food that color. Just like you can have a themed birthday party for a child, you can have a themed party as an adult, and you may be surprised at how much fun you have when you go all out with the vibe of the day.

Movie Night

Do you love Lord of the Rings? Does a cult classic make your heart sing with joy? Have a movie marathon day or an evening where it’s playing in the background, and you all have commentary or trivia around it. Eat food and talk about the movie and your favorite parts. This can be fun too, if you are into horror movies, to put out the invite in the local spouse’s group or community page and find people who are interested in the same things you are.

Tea Party

Are you feeling the desire to be fancy? Do you want to wear the dress you bought for the ball and never put it on again? Having a tea party can be a great excuse to dress up and have fun with new friends; invite them to wear their best hats, or you can even have a hat decorating station at your tea party. Have you ever heard of BYOB? Now is BYO Tea. You can have a variety of flavors and even have a tea tasting if you’d like, alongside an array of sandwiches and desserts!

Book Party

Similar to a movie night, you can host a book club. Maybe it’s just a one-off book club for a book that a favorite author just came out with. People can bring their favorite quotes, and you can discuss the book, order pizzas, and bond with people over the story you read.

You can host parties in your home, but they don’t have to be complicated. If you don’t want to make food, you can order some in, share the load, or say it’s light snacks and have some chips and salsa as you play board games. The important thing is connecting in a way that feels good and true to build community and deep friendships right where you are.


About the Author:

Aj Smit is the author of the book Red Thread: Weaving an Embodied Life of Joy, speaker, glitter enthusiast, and professional weaver of Joy. She is a military spouse in S. Korea with a pup and houseplants galore. Aj has led various Red Tents, retreats, and workshops internationally over the last ten years to help others discover how to weave creativity and curiosity into their lives. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at @TheJoyWeaver and TheJoyWeaver.com