2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide 

June 16th is quickly approaching so be sure not to waste any time finding the perfect gifts for the dads in your life. Whether you’re buying for your dad, husband, or a grandpa- we’ll be sure to help you find the most fitting gift! Below, you’ll find some of the most top rated gifts for dads this year at all different price points. 


Custom lego mini-figurine $ 

Starting at just $11.99, you can build your own mini version of your favorite dad. You can choose the head, hairstyle, legs and more! Not only will you get a mini figurine, but you’ll also get accessories and a custom t-shirt for your lego dad! This is the perfect gift for any dad who loves legos and all things building! 

New York Times custom football book $$$ 

For the football loving dads in your life, this book is sure to keep them entertained! Uncommon Goods offers these books for each NFL team starting at just $90! Your sports loving dad will be able to flip through history and coverage of their favorite teams while reliving the glory days and read about all newsworthy games. This takes being a football fan to a whole new level! 


Long range wireless smart meat thermometer $$ 

So many dads like to cook and grill meat- especially this time of year! This thermometer makes cooking so much easier and more accurate. You can use long range bluetooth and the Meater app to be able to check as the meat cooks as well. These thermometers are super easy to set up and start at just $69.


Oura smart ring $$$$ 

For the jewelry loving dads, consider ordering an Oura smart ring. This ring helps you listen to your body more and focus on sustaining a healthy well-being. It can read heart rate, body temperature, and track/coach sleep patterns. The ring is constantly collecting data from your body with over 20 biometrics that will help you. You can choose the color of finish, the size and shape of your smart ring. This would be a great gift for tech dads as well! 


Outdoor Stanley cooler $$$ 

The hype around Stanley coolers is real! Dads everywhere love a good outdoor adventure whether it’s camping, hiking, or just a beach day- so why not help keep them comfortable and stylish? These coolers start at $80 and are offered in many different colors. But don’t wait too long to order yours because they’re constantly selling out!

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